10 MHz Frequency References – OCXO, TCXO and Rubidium Based. GNSS-Locking Provides Long-Term Stability

Novus offers a range of GNSS GPS disciplined oscillators and related reference products. While our most  popular frequency reference is 10MHz, many of our products are available at 50 and 100 MHz. Unique frequencies are available as well. Novus references can be OCXO , TCXO or Rubidium based. GNSS-locking enhances long-term stability.  Stability options are available that incorporate vibration and thermal isolation. Our reference products are available in 19 inch rack mount and modular, chassis.  Our miniature PicoPod series fits almost anywhere.  Novus reference distribution amplifiers offer minimal phase noise contribution and skewing.  Novus PPS sources can be synchronized to a 10 MHz reference to provide a complete timing solution.  Our PPS sources can be directly from a GPS PPS source or processed to improve jitter and statistical accuracy. For GNSS denied environments,  Novus offers a range synthesized 1PPS sources.   Our PPS distribution amplifiers offer sub 1 nsec skewing and transient and fault protection. For enhanced control and monitoring, SNMP and local control are available as options. Portable reference products offer excellent holdover stability to provide accuracy in GNSS denied environments.

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Three Channel 10 MHz Frequency Reference with Optional Display NR8403-O/G

Three Channel 10 MHz GNSS GPS Disciplined Oscillator with Display

Compact Low Cost Frequency Reference Solution

The NR8403 in a versatile modular package bringing GPS DO stability to almost any location. Wide power operating range with GNSS-locking to further enhance long-term stability. The low phase noise option adds an ultra-low phase noise OCXO. Phase noise < 155 dBc/Hz at 10kHz.  Unit may also be locked to an external 10MHz or 1PPS.  Popular in scientific, calibration labs and satellite up-links.

  • Harmonics <40 dBc
  • Excellent holdover stability < +-5 ppb/day
  • GPS disciplined oscillator
  • Low phase noise options
  • Outputs are fault protected and monitored continuously
  • Built-in test circuitry throughout the design
  • Available with and without display
  • 10 MHz and 50 MHz available
  • 1PPS

Need more channels? See the 6 channel NR3626-OG or the NR2310D-OG 10 channel reference

Brand : Novus          SKU : NR8403

GNSS Locked Frequency References
AC Powered, DC Powered, Low Noise, Auto Calibration, NMEA, PPS, 50 MHz, GNSS Locked , Modular Chassis, OCXO

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    GPS DO Kits are available that include antenna, cables and power supply. Several features can be customized at the factory – frequencies other than 10 MHz either from a unique crystal or with a built-in synthesizer that is GNSS-locked. Time stamping capability to 100ns resolution. To meet unique requirements, we have shipped product with output features requiring a custom amplitude, square wave output, high voltage and high current drive.