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Three Channel Frequency Reference with Optional Display NR8403-O/G

Three Channel GNSS-Locked Frequency Reference

The NR8403 in a versatile modular package bringing stability to almost any location. Wide power operating range with GNSS-locking to further enhance long-term stability. The low noise option adds an ultra-low noise OCXO that can also be vibration-isolated to reduce mechanical induced phase noise. Phase noise < 155 dBc/Hz at 10kHz.  Unit may also be locked to an external 10 MHz or PPS.  Popular in scientific, calibration labs and satellite up-links.

  • Harmonics <40 dBc
  • Excellent holdover stability < +-5 ppb/day
  • GNSS-locking
  • Low phase noise options
  • Outputs are fault protected and monitored continuously
  • Built-in test circuitry throughout the design
  • Available with and without display
  • 10 and 50 MHz available

Need more channels? See the 6 channel NR3626-OG or the NR2310D-OG 10 channel reference

Frequency References
GPS/GNSS Locked References
AC Powered, DC Powered, Low Noise, Auto Calibration, NMEA, PPS, 50 MHz, GNSS Locked , Modular Chassis, OCXO

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    Kits are available that include antenna, cables and power supply. Several features can be customized at the factory – frequencies other than 10 MHz either from a unique crystal or with a built-in synthesizer that is GNSS-locked. Time stamping capability to 100ns resolution. To meet unique requirements, we have shipped product with output features requiring a custom amplitude, square wave output, high voltage and high current drive.