Portable GNSS GPS Disciplined Oscillator with Time Stamp to 100 ns Resolution with OCXO Holdover NT9400


Portable 10 MHz Frequency Reference, NTP/NMEA Simulator with OCXO/Rubidium Holdover, 100 ns Time Stamp with Internet Alert

Bring Precision Timing Where it is Needed- 10 MHz, NTP


A feature-rich portable reference platform that offers 1PPS and time server functionality with differential time stamping to 100 ns resolution. With a GNSS GPS disciplined timing source, time stamping accuracy within hundreds of nanoseconds.

This unit is built into a rugged, weather resistant injection molded case with critical electronics shock-isolated from the case. Battery capacity supports in excess of eight hours of operation or can be externally powered with 12 Vdc or included AC power adapter. An OCXO source is the primary reference that is locked to the GNSS with a high sensitivity 26 channel receiver. Rubidium holdover provides holdover < 15 usec/24 hr.

Built-in GNSS antenna simplifies use although an external GNSS antenna is supported. While the GNSS is active, the OCXO source is continually being disciplined to the GNSS GPS. In a GPS loss state, the PPS and 10MHz are slaved to the OCXO or Rubidium.  The PPS monitor allows an external PPS to be monitored and alert sent when a pre-defined limit is exceeded.

Portable NTP Time ServerSee Demonstration Video


Product Features:

  • 10 MHz output locked to GNSS
  • Built-in synthesizer allows user specified frequencies. (2.048 MHz)
  • NMEA simulator that continues to provide NMEA even after GNSS loss
  • PPS output that is GNSS or OCXO based.
  • Battery powered to provide  >6 hours field use
  • External trigger for time and position stamping 
  • Time stamps to 100 ns resolution recorded locally or can be automatically e-mailed
  • Optional NTP time server
  • Built-in drift measurement monitors atomic timing versus UTC
  • Differential measurement capability to measure PPS accuracy in remote facilities
  • Rugged water resistant case
  • Event feature records time and position –  Internet capability allows events to be e-mailed
  • Monitors local 1PPS to detect timing drift and E-mail alerts
  • Dual-time stamp trigger inputs allows for accurate differential measurements to 100 ns resolution
  • Rubidium option provides 15 usec/day holdover

  Brand : Novus          SKU : NT9400


Additional information

Data Sheet

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