Distribution Amplifiers

Distribution Amplifiers

Distribution amplifiers serve to direct the output of GPS disciplined oscillators to multiple outputs, with minimal degradation of the input signals along the way. Novus 10 MHz distribution amplifiers offer minimal phase noise contribution, skewing and are robust enough to withstand transients and faults. Novus frequency reference distribution amplifiers are factory configurable to operate from 100 kHz to 50 MHz. Available in modular and rackmount from 3 to 20 channels.

10 Channel Pulse Amplifier PPS or 10 MHz Square -ND2310D-PPS

10 Channel 1PPS/10 MHz Square Distribution Amplifier

10 Channel 1PPS Distribution Amplifier features sub nanosecond skewing  typical < 200 psec

Ten channel  high performance PPS distribution amplifier features subnanosecond skewing (typically less than 200ps). Output drive factory configurable for BNC or SMA connectors, 3.3 or 5 Vdc logic levels and 50 Ohm drive capability. Each channel independently monitored for load impedance mismatch with independent warning indicators on the front panel. Outputs are transient and short circuit protected. Unit accepts two inputs and automatically selects valid input. Unit measures and reports pulse width.

  • Skewing below 400 ps (typically < 200 ps)
  • IRIG (modulated)
  • 50 Ohm drive capability at 3.3 or 5 Vdc logic levels
  • Front panel amplitude and pulse width indicators
  • Internal self-test drives indicators and alert signal.
  • All inputs and outputs fault and transient protected.
  • 10MHz square wave distribution
  • 1PPS distribution
  • Optional SNMP

Brand : Novus          SKU :ND2310D-PPS

Distribution Amplifiers
PPS Sources and Distribution Amplifiers
AC Powered, DC Powered, PPS, 10 MHz, 5 MHz, Distribution Amplifier, Rack Mount

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