Frequency References

Frequency References

Novus offers a diverse set of frequency reference products. From our low cost TCXO frequency references to our Rubidium frequency references to our high-performance GPS disciplined references (GPS DO) -Novus frequency references offer low phase noise, accuracy and reliability. From one to twenty channels, modular, rackmount, portable or micro-packaged- Novus offers a form factor to meet your frequency reference needs. Available features include redundant power, SNMP, self-test, ultra-low phase noise, dual-Time base, real-time Allan Deviation, and synthesized frequency references.

For use cases that demand greater precision, we have GPS disciplined oscillators that will provide single satellite tracking capabilities that are GLONASS compatible and therefore supported by GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, and SBSS networks.

If you’re unsure which frequency reference you require, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are also able to manufacture custom units for unique applications.

Three Channel 10MHz GNSS GPS Disciplined Oscillator, Self Calibrating- General Lab Use - Simulcast

Three Channel GNSS GPS Disciplined 10 MHz Frequency Reference, OCXO and Self-Calibrating with 1PPS and NMEA

Low Noise Multi-Channel Locked 10 MHz Frequency Reference


The NR3623 GNSS GPS disciplined 10 MHz frequency reference continuously monitors the frequency of the low noise OCXO and disciplines as required. The coefficients are stored in non-volatile memory and in the event of GNSS loss, are used to maintain the accuracy of the crystal. The unit also provides NMEA data and the 1PPS pulse. PPS amplitude can be either 3.3 or 5 Vdc CMOS (3.3 Volts is standard) with the capability of driving a 50 Ohm load. LED indicators provide GNSS GPS lock status, channel fault and self-test status. There is also a floating solid state relay that can be tied to an alarm panel with lock and self test status.  A good choice for General Lab Use, Simulcast and Test Systems. Low phase noise options.

  • Low phase noise OCXO
  • GNSS  GPS lock indicator and built in self test
  • Hold-Over stability of 5 ppb/day, 50ppb/year
  • Self-Calibration minimizes frequency transition during GNSS lock to < 10ppb
  • Locked accuracy < 4E-11
  • 1PPS output
  • NMEA RS232

See demo video on YOUTUBE (NR3620)


  • Operates from DC Power in three ranges +- (10 to 18, 18 to 36, 36 to 65) VDC or an AC Adapter
  • PPS Accuracy 20 ns rms
  • Indicators and signals provide GPS Lock and unity self-test status
  • Available in Kit Form (Includes reference, antenna, 50′ cable, and power adapter)

GPSDO Kit available, wide input power range (-60 to +60 VDC)




GNSS Locked Frequency References
AC Powered, DC Powered, Low Noise, Auto Calibration, NMEA, PPS, 10 MHz, GNSS Locked , Modular Chassis

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