Precision Frequency References

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Frequency References

From low cost TCXO, low noise OCXO, ultra stable GPS and GNSS locked references to atomic references featuring GNSS locking as well as exceptional phase noise.


Atomic / Rubidium

For those applications requiring stability and w/wo GPS/GNSS locking offering long-term stability less than 1 ppb/yr.


Distribution Amplifiers

Low noise designs preserve the integrity of either your pulse source or frequency reference. Applications from 10 kHz to 12 MHz. From 3 to 16 channels. Pulse and linear.


NMEA, PPS and NTP, IRIG Sources

GNSS products provide standard NMEA-0183 at programmable rates and content. Simulators synchronize to the GNSS and continue to provide data even after GNSS signals are lost with high stability OCXO. NTP and IRIG time servers add dual-time base to assure timing integrity.


GPS,GNSS Locked 10 MHz Frequency References

High performance 26 channel GNSS receivers assure fast acquisition and sustained locking for stable source disciplining. Kits offer a complete solution that include the GPSDO-antenna, power supply and cabling.


Related Equipment- 100 MHz

High Frequency low noise 50 MHz sources, redundancy switches, Dual-redundant time base sources- unique products adapted from our existing product line.