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10 Channel GNSS-Locked 10 MHz Frequency Reference - NR2310-O/G

10 Channel GPS/GNSS Locked 10 MHz Frequency Reference


A solid, low cost 10 channel platform. Embedded 26 channel GNSS receiver locks and stays locked in weak signal environments. Transient and fault protected channels designed for the a high level electromagnetic environment to provide years of reliable service.  AC and DC power options available for critical installation.


•10 channel 10 MHz reference with built-in GNSS receiver. 

•10 channel GNSS locked OCXO 10 MHz frequency reference.

•Low phase noise OCXO –  125dBc/Hz at 100 Hz.

•OCXO daily aging <+-5 ppb/day.

•Locked accuracy <3E-11.

•10 channels very often eliminate the need for a distribution amplifier.

•Harmonics are well below -30dB.

•Chassis is 1 RU (~1.7 inches) and saves valuable rack space.

•All inputs and outputs are transient protected.

•Built-in test.

•Status relay connected to a rear panel connector that opens if a system failure occurs.

•Unit features auto-calibration to compensate for long-term drift.

Also available with 10 MHz Square CMOS outputs

•High performance 26 channel GPS receiver that supports GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS. By being able to receive data from multiple satellite constellations, lower lock time is achieved. Maintaining lock in poor signal environments is enhanced.


Optional Networking and SNMP available (see NR2310D-O/G).




Frequency References
GPS/GNSS Locked References
AC Powered, DC Powered, Low Noise, Auto Calibration, NMEA, PPS, 10 MHz, GNSS Locked , Rack Mount

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    Kits are available that include antenna, cables and power supply. Several features can be customized at the factory – frequencies other than 10 MHz either from a unique crystal or with a built-in synthesizer that is GNSS-locked. Time stamping capability to 100ns resolution. To meet unique requirements, we have shipped product with output features requiring a custom amplitude, square wave output, high voltage and high current drive.